What do you want to learn?

We are a certified training center offering basic courses for caregivers and home health aides. These courses are carefully designed to cover a variety of topics such as Mental Health, Counseling and Safety, DSHS Recommendations, Dementia Care, Cognitive Skills, Blood Disorders, Food Certification, CPR/AED and First Aid, Continuing Education (CE), Pediatric Certification, and Basic Life Support (BLS). We are committed to providing the highest standards of education by providing the knowledge and skills individuals need to provide the highest quality care in a variety of home care settings. Whether you are looking to begin a successful career in nursing or enhance your existing skills, these programs provide the foundation for successful training and certification.

Mental Health Speciality

 This course provides in-depth training on mental health disorders and how to provide care to individuals with these conditions.

Orientation and Safety

 This course covers the essential safety protocols and best practices for working in a caregiving environment.

DSHS Approved

 Our courses are approved by the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) and meet all state requirements.

Dementia Speciality

 This course focuses on understanding and caring for individuals with dementia. Students will learn about the different stages of the condition and how to provide effective care.

Skills Practice

 Our training program includes extensive skills practice to help students prepare for the state certification exam.

Blood Pathogens

 This course provides students with an understanding of bloodborne pathogens and how to prevent the spread of disease in a caregiving environment.

Food Handlers Certification

 Students will learn about food safety and hygiene, as well as how to prepare and serve nutritious meals.

CPR/AED & First Aid

 This course covers CPR and first aid techniques, preparing students to respond to emergencies in a caregiving setting.

Continous Education (CEs)

 Seattle Home Aide Trainers, LLC offers ongoing education opportunities to help students stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in the caregiving industry.

Child Care Certification

 Our child care certification course prepares students to provide care to children in a safe and nurturing environment.

Basic Life Support (BLS)

 This course covers BLS techniques and prepares students to respond to emergencies in a caregiving setting.